How do I know which type of extension bond is best for me?

Our stylists will always do a thorough consult with you to ensure that the hair type they use best matches your lifestyle and desired look. While some heads of hair may only use one type, others may have a combination of various types. To give you a general idea, we have created the below chart to help you see the key benefits of each.

Bellami Table.jpg

How do I properly maintain my hair extensions?

Depending on your bond type, you may require in-salon maintenance every few weeks. Upon installation, your stylist will recommend a maintenance plan and help you to reserve your next appointment for any required maintenance. At home, it is important to care for your extensions properly. You can download our home care recommendations here. Your stylist can also provide product recommendations tailored to your hair and extension type, and desired styling look(s).

Do all of your stylists offer Bellami services?

The following stylists are certified at each location:

PLEASE NOTE: Bellami extension services are not available to be booked online, only consultations. New Bellami extensions bookings require a consultation with one of the above listed stylists.

How do I install my Bellami clip-in extensions?

We have created a helpful tutorial video of a clip-in extension install on our IGTV here. You can also book an install service at any Hedkandi location or at Butter Beauty Parlour’s Mission location.

What kind of hair does Bellami use?

Bellami only uses full 100% full-cuticle human Remy hair that has been ethically sourced from Asia, specifically the western and northern regions bordering eastern Europe and southern Russia. The area offers hair at a naturally lighter level, making colour lightening a gentler process. Bellami’s factory implements the highest production standards and is 9001 certified.



The cuticle is the outer layer of the hair that opens and closes, to allow colour or other chemicals to penetrate the cortex. Think of the cuticle as the doorman to the cortex, which is where chemicals “live.”


When referring to cuticle hair, we are talking about human hair that still has its cuticle fully intact, versus hair that has been stripped of its cuticule. Cuticle hair can be chemically altered (coloured) with success.


Colouring, perming, straightening, and bleaching are the processes that are usually referred to as “chemically-treated.” However, these processes can weaken and damage natural hair structure.


Clip-in extensions are temporary hair that can be applied by simply “clipping” them in to the root section of your hair and removed whenever you’d like. They vary in size from one-inch to a wide weft containing 3-5 clips at once. Clip-in extensions can easily be maintained, but they need to be removed from your natural hair and washed and dried separately.


Fusion hair extensions are connected to the natural hair by using either heat or cold fusion. The bond area is made of a keratin and silicone compound. Keratin is the protein our hair is made of, so as long as the extensions are installed, maintained, and removed correctly, there will be no damage to the natural hair.


Hair extensions are used to add length or to increase the volume of the hair. There are many different types of hair extensions and qualities, ranging from 100 per cent Remy to synthetic. As a BELLAMI consumer, your extensions will always be top-quality, 100 per cent Remy Human Hair.


This method is a single strand method, meaning the extensions are applied in a 1:1 ratio extension hair to natural hair. A bead (usually made of copper or aluminum) is weaved onto the natural hair. The I-Tip extension is then inserted into the bead and, using a specific tool, the bead is clamped down to secure the extensions to the natural hair.


This method is installed using a heating element which safely melts the Keratin Tips onto your own hair (see “Fusion” above). A silicone additive on the K-tip helps to create a protective coating for your natural hair strands and are bonded close to the roots of the hair.


Remy Hair is the highest quality hair available on the market. Remy Hair has to have the cuticles still intact and laying in the same direction. These two qualities ensure that the hair can be colour-treated as well as maintained tangle and matte-free.


When hair gets knotted because of lack of care or low-quality products, it is referred to as ‘tangling.’ There are many reasons behind the tangling of the hair. It can be avoided by following BELLAMI’s recommended home care and sleeping with the hair in a scrunchie or loose braid.


Tape-in hair extensions are 1 1/2” wefts that have medical grade adhesive on the back of them. The natural hair is “sandwiched” between the two wefts securing and sealing the bond.


For hair to be considered “virgin,” it has to have never been touched by any type of chemical (i.e., never coloured or lightened).


Wefted hair is either machine or hand-tied together across the top of the hair. Wefted hair is usually attached to the human hair by braiding and sewing directly to the hair, or using a beaded method where beads are attached to the natural hair, and the weft is sewn to the bead anchor.

Still have questions?

We recommend all new guests book an extensions consultation with one of our Bellami specialists.

To book, call us at 403-214-1855 and select your preferred Hedkandi location from the menu provided, or click the button below.