Chrissy Straub

SENIOR STYLIST & Educator   

HAIR Cut: $94+

What is your favourite kind of hair to work with?
Colour, long, blondes and bridal.

If you weren’t a hairdresser what would you be?
Interior Designer.

How would your clients describe you in 3 words?
Attentive, Honest, Forward.

Sleek and shiny or messy bed head?
Depends on the day.

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What Her Guests Are Saying...

"Chrissy always amazes me. She always listens to my needs and never pushes you into anything. She really does take time to explain everything to you so that you can leave with the best cut/style!!!!"

"Was super nervous about getting my hair cut as this was my first cut in the city and with a new stylist. Had previously been with the same stylist for 10 years. Chrissy put me at ease and assured me she was very used to clients with my hair type and styling requests. My hair turned out beautiful and I will definitely be back again."

"Chrissy Straub was great at explaining the different products, how she was cutting my hair. I feel like I learned what the products did and how to use them and not feel over whelmed. I also liked the friendly atmosphere between the stylists and how Chrissy reviewed another stylist's work and offered genuine positive feedback."