Brae-lea erickson

senior Stylist & Educator - AWAY (MATERNITY LEAVE)

HAIR Cut: $103+

What is your favourite kind of hair to work with?creating Healthy hair no matter what length. Long and beautiful, obviously!

If you weren’t a hairdresser what would you be?
Professional ice cream taster.

How would your clients describe you in 3 words?.
Great memory, funny and organized.

Sleek and shiny or messy bed hair?
Sleek and shiny.

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What Her Guests Are Saying...

"The whole vibe of the salon was unlike any other I've experienced before. I loved how there was a large table where the clients could sit and mingle. I felt like I was at a spa. I was frequently checked on, served water, given new magazines and talked to throughout my appointment. I really felt like everyone at Hedkandi were excellent at their job and it really felt like they all worked as a team. It was a unique experience. I can't wait to go back! And Brae-Lea was AMAZING."

"I realize it is going to take a few visits to get my hair where I want it to be, it looks amazing to start off with and I am 100% confident in brae-lea!! She is amazing"

"Brae-Lea was great. Since my hair is already past my shoulders I didn't think there was anything other than my boring, straight cut I had. She suggested a long bob. It turned out great and I LOVE the way she styled it after. I moved from Ontario 2 years ago and have been struggling to find a stylist in Calgary I love. The search is over!!"