Holiday party season is upon us - and we know our guests don't always have time to get their hair styled for their event. While we'd love to see you, we totally get the busyness inherent in this time of year, and thought we'd gift you some easy styles you can do yourself! Read on for five holiday looks that are easily obtainable, and use only a few Bumble and Bumble hair products.


  • Bb. Cityswept Finish
  • Bb. Dryspun Thickening Hairspray
  • Bb. Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry
  • Bb. Hair Powder (in your preferred colour)
  • Flat iron and/or curling iron
  • Bobby pins and hair bungees


Inspired by Brigitte Bardot's glorious bouffant, this modern half-updo adds glamour and volume, while maintaining that "je nais sais quoi" messiness that gives French women their disaffected coolness.

1. Apply Bb. Dryspun at the root and midshaft, then backcomb the hair.

2. Anchor the crown of the head with your fingers, then merge in the sides.

3. Pin and knot the finishing pieces from the side to support the 'bouffant.'

4. Bend the loose hair (accordion style) with a flat iron and add a bit of sheen and polish with Bb. Cityswept.


This sexy, high (but not too high) pony is dishevelled to add an air of mystery and allure -- Perfect for your skin-tight holiday dress.

1. Gather the hair into a pony at the crown of the head, using a brush or comb to collect it all.

2. Wrap a thin section of hair around the base of the pony and use a hair bungee to secure.

3. Once the pony is in place, distress the hair by pulling and shaking it.

4. Cover any unsightly seams (scalp peeking through)using Bb. Hair powder (we used black on our model).

5. Wrap the base of the pony with an accessory, like a thick bracelet or hair tie, for a little extra holiday glitz.


Obviously inspired by Jane Fonda's iconic character, this full-bodied bombshell hair would look great with a glamorous holiday dress, or add huge sex appeal to a more laidback suit-look, รก la the Olsen twins.

1. Curl the hair all over using your preferred curling iron size. Remember, the smaller the rod, the tighter the curl.

2. Once again, back comb the hair and french lace it to add body.

3. Shift the hair's part to a deep side part, then just tousle and mess it up.


Add an element of class to your holiday party with an undone french twist. The textured finish complements your holiday style, without making you look "too perfect."

1. Apply Bb. Dryspun at the root and mid-shift, then back comb.

2. Roll hair into a rough french twist and pin. 

3. Set with Bb. Surf Foam Spray on the dry hair. This adds the perfect amount of grit and texture to complete that messy, undone look.

4. Add an accessory if desired (we used a necklace we had lying around). This created a more dramatic silhouette on the hair shape.


We know our short-haired ladies want to try something new, too, so this one's for you! Adding some curl and sheen to your hair is the perfect way to change up your look for party season!

1. Curl the hair all over, then tousle and spray with both Bb. Dryspun (for texture and hold) and Bb. Cityswept (for shine and shape).

Our creative & education director Kristin Page discussed the looks on Global News' morning show - watch the video here.

Hedkandi loves you!