We’re finally in the holiday spirit and we just want to spend our days eating our weight in sugar cookies, drinking too much egg nog, visiting with our guests and cozying up with our families. Notice how we didn’t mention shopping for gifts?

Hedkandi loves giving, but we don’t want to lose that precious time with the ones we love, and we figure you’re the same. When you pop by to get your hair done for the holidays, why not consolidate your shopping and grab some gift cards and product from us? For every $150 you spend on gift cards, we’ll gift you a complimentary Bb. Hairspray* and donate $5 to our charity of choice (this month it’s the Calgary Poppy Fund & Veteran’s Food Bank – December’s will be announced in a few weeks). Hedkandi has gift cards available for the salon, Butter Beauty Parlour*, and Johnny’s Barber + Shop*, so you can scratch any and every one off of your list! Hooray, more time for egg nog and cookies!

To make a long story short:

Holiday Packages are available now!

Hedkandi loves you!

*While supplies last

**Butter and Johnny’s gift cards are only available in $50 denominations